Work and Travel USA Program 

Summer Work and Travel Program offers the opportunity to Kosovar students to go to United States of America to work during the summer holiday season as well as to travel for up to one month where you will have the chance to visit the places and cities you have always dreamed of. Work and Travel Program is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know American colleague students as well as students from different countries, while at the same time you will improve your English tremendously, get to know students with different cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, you will be able to see how business is developed, how market economy, politics and democracy function in the most developed country in the World.

This opportunity applies to all full-time university students from University of Prishtina, American University in Kosovo and other private Universities in Kosovo.

Therefore, if you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior at one of the universities in Kosova and if you know some basic conversational English, you are most probably qualified to participate. Summer jobs that will be offered from this program are seasonal in different places such as in restaurants, hotels, different stores, shopping malls, cafeterias, construction, etc.


There are two levels of USA Work & Travel Program participation:

Self-Placed: Under this program a student comes to work in a temporary job that the student has arranged by himself/herself.  This option offers you the possibility to choose the location and the job you like to have during the summer work and travel. You will be responsible to arrange everything with the employer. If you decide to choose this option you have to deliver a job offer to Dardanica Work and Travel USA together with your application form.

Job-Assisted: With additional fee paid to Dardanica Work and Travel USA you will be offered a job with accommodation during the job fair in Prishtina which will be held and organized by our sponsor from USA. If you choose this option, Dardanica Work and Travel USA will help you in arranging all the necessary documentation that you will need.