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Return Your Taxes Through Dardanica

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Dardanica Work and Travel USA and Amber Tax ( have reached an agreement for tax refund  for all those students going to USA to work on J1 visa, no matter through what local work and travel agency the student has chosen. For a small fee, you will not need to worry about the tax refund. Our staff will deal with all the necessary procedures. You can click at the link TAX REFUND in order to see what documents you need to bring at Dardanica Work and Travel USA office in order to start the process of tax refund.


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admin Dardanica Work and Travel USA is part of Dardanica Group, established on December 2006. Dardanica WAT is licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry as agency that arranges and organizes students from Kosovo universities to work and travel in the US during their summer holidays.